Fit with a bump - exercise during pregancy and nursing

Exercise during pregnancy is not only good for you, but also for your baby. Improving your stamina is not only a great preparation for the birth itself, but especially for the time afterwards. So that you can do everything without any trouble despite the other circumstances, we have put together the best sports, wellness and bathing outfits for you here.

Staying fit 

Whether a sports nursing bra, workout maternity shirt or sports pants, they all prove: Exercise and pregnancy are not mutually exclusive - quite the opposite! With the right outfit, (almost) anything is possible. We are constantly testing new designs and materials and have a great selection of maternity sportswear in our shop for you. The sporty looks are also ideal for the postnatal period - of course also as lounge wear for cuddling up and relaxing!

Tim for yourself

Pregnancy is a time that belongs only to you. Time to take a deep breath and do something good for yourself. How about yoga, for example? The breathing and relaxation exercises in particular will help you during the birth. Many of our customers swear by our maternity sportswear, which adapts perfectly to your baby bump thanks to special cuts and particularly soft and breathable materials.

Pregnant? Time for swimming!

Do you prefer to take it a little easier? Swimming is great for pregnancy! In addition to improving your circulation and easing the discomfort of pregnancy, it releases happy hormones and relaxes your muscles and joints.

Grab your bathing suit!

Even with a baby bump, you'll feel as light as a feather in the water. For even more bathing fun and the right feel-good factor, we have a particularly beautiful selection of swimming costumes, tankinis and bikinis. Whether it's for a visit to the pool or the upcoming babymoon - treat yourself to your personal swim outfit!