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Is Mamarella sustainable?

Sustainability is not a passing trend but an ideal we should all strive for. Because only if we treat our environment with respect, it will be preserved for us, our children and future generations. We at Mamarella are also pursuing the mission of "more sustainability". We can already offer you a wide range of stylish and sustainable maternity wear and are constantly working on developing the Mamarella collection with a special focus on sustainable materials and a fair manufacturing process. Because especially during pregnancy and nursing you should make sure to have extremely pure and certified materials in your wardrobe and also in the baby clothes.

Our range of sustainable maternity wear, nursing wear, baby equipment and changing bags at Mamarella combines good style and a good conscience. This is ensured, among other things, by fabrics from ecological cultivation or recycled materials, fair manufacturing conditions or the reduction of emissions and waste in the production process. Products made of fur are out of the question for us. But apart from the origin and manufacture of a product, its use also contributes to its sustainability, especially its useful life. That's why, in addition to materials and the manufacturing process, we pay particular attention to sustainable designs when putting together our collections.

Curious now? If you are now wondering what the design of our maternity and nursing fashion is all about in terms of sustainability and what distinguishes sustainable fashion from regular fashion, then you have come to the right place. In our guide you will learn what makes our "Organic" and "Eco" maternity and nursing fashion or accessories so great, how you can recognize them and what you can do yourself with regard to the sustainability of your clothing.


Our maternity and nursing wear is specifically designed to be flexible so that it can be worn during pregnancy, while nursing and even without a baby bump.

Smart Design

Sustainable maternity fashion: what materials are available?

Organic cotton: Basically, cotton is a rapidly renewable raw material and biodegradable. However, cotton from controlled organic cultivation has several other ecological advantages over conventional cotton. First and foremost, the use of genetic engineering and chemical pesticides and fertilizers is prohibited in the cultivation of organic cotton. This protects soil fertility and wildlife. At the same time, less water is used in the cultivation of organic cotton than in the cultivation of conventional cotton.

Maternity wear made of organic cotton is not only sustainable, but also particularly skin-friendly and soft, durable and easy to care for. You will find mainly casual maternity shirts, maternity dresses and maternity pants as well as loungewear and nightwear made of organic cotton, also maternity jeans. By the way, our Mamarella Organic maternity jeans and jeggings have another environmental plus: not only are they largely made of organic cotton, we have also avoided the use of chemicals in the washing process. In addition, the water used in the manufacturing process was only returned to the water cycle after extensive cleaning. Here you will find the great parts with potential to become your absolute favorite jeans during and after your pregnancy.

Tencel™: Tencel™ lyocell and modal fibers from the Austrian company Lenzing AG are extracted from the natural raw material wood in an environmentally friendly and resource-saving process. Clothing made from Tencel™ fibers is particularly skin-friendly, robust, easy to care for and moisture-absorbent. We especially love dresses, tops and pants made from the fine, sustainable material.

EcoVero™: EcoVero™ viscose fibers also come from Lenzing. Like Tencel ™ fibers, EcoVero™ viscose is obtained from sustainable wood and pulp. They are certified with the EU Ecolabel and meet high environmental standards from raw material extraction and production to distribution and disposal. For example, the production of EcoVero™ fibers consumes up to 50% less emissions and water compared to conventional viscose.

EcoVero™ viscose is not only easy to care for, but also particularly smooth and soft. It falls flowingly and feels particularly pleasant on the skin. It is also breathable and moisture-absorbent. The sustainable viscose fiber is thus perfect for underwear and breezy summer clothing, but our personal EcoVero™ highlight are our short wedding dresses: the Ecovero maternity wedding dress with keyhole back neckline and the Ecovero maternity wedding dress with twist detail, in which many beautiful Mamarella brides have already said their yes.

Recycled materials: In our range you will also find many items of clothing, diaper bags and accessories that we have marked with the suffix "Eco". These are products made from recycled materials, such as discarded fishing nets or old PET bottles. This "waste" is processed and made into new fibers so that it can be put to good use instead of ending up in the trash. Maybe you've heard of Repreve™ in this context. This is one of these recycled polyester fibers, which is also produced in a particularly water-saving and resource-saving way. We love!

 Very important: clothing and products made from recycled fibers are not inferior in quality to items made from new materials. You can neither see nor feel the difference. On the contrary, eco clothes, jackets and bags are often even more robust. Our favorite recycled product is for example our Eco Thermo maternity leggings made of super stretchy fabric. Not only is it made of over 80% recycled polyamide, but its special material composition also makes it particularly shape-retaining and has an antibacterial effect. Moreover, it has an anti-pilling effect that saves you from annoying lint. Last but not least, it also keeps you and your baby bump toasty warm on cold days.

What are the standards and certificates for sustainable fashion?

GOTS (Global Textile Standard): Clothing with GOTS certification consists of at least 70% organic material and was produced under strict social and ecological guidelines. GOTS pregnancy and breastfeeding fashion is therefore not only eco maternity fashion but also fair maternity fashion. The Global Textile Standard is considered the world's leading and trusted seal for sustainable textiles.

BCI (Better Cotton Initiative): This program certifies the sustainable production of cotton, although it does not necessarily have to be organic cotton. The Better Cotton Initiative focuses primarily on sustainable cotton cultivation in which water is conserved and the use of chemicals is reduced to the bare minimum, as well as on the welfare and rights of all workers involved in the production process.

EU Ecolabel: This label is only awarded to products that meet very high environmental standards throughout their life cycle.

MADE IN GREEN by OKO TEX®: Garments that receive this label are not only completely free of harmful substances, they also come from sustainable and socially responsible production.

GRS (Global Recycled Standard): This standard certifies products made from recycled materials worldwide. To receive the certificate, not only must the end product consist of at least 50% recycled material, but the individual steps of the manufacturing process must also be environmentally friendly and socially responsible.

How you can recognize sustainable maternity fashion at Mamarella

You can easily recognize sustainable maternity and nursing wear by the "Sustainable" label in the preview image and on the item page. You can use the filter function to view the sustainable styles in each category at a glance. Or you can take a look at our collection of sustainable maternity wear and find your new favorite items - it couldn't be easier!

Sustainable maternity fashion means: Buy once, wear for a long time

In addition to the materials and manufacturing of our maternity fashion, we also pay special attention to sustainable designs of the beautiful pieces. What do we mean by "sustainable designs"? It's simple: We want our maternity fashion to not only be useful to you for a short time and then have to be sorted out again, but to accompany you as long as possible and make you happy. Four factors play a very important role for us: the quality, the fit, the breastfeeding function and the cut ("with and without baby bump").


1) The quality

The high quality of our maternity wear guarantees that it fits perfectly and looks great even after frequent wear and many washes. Therefore, high-quality, easy-care, robust and dimensionally stable materials are a matter of course for us. Our maternity wear will not only last through your first pregnancy, but easily through your second, third, fourth... and that of your girlfriend and sister, if you want to pass it on later?


2) The fit

Our maternity wear is designed to fit you in your regular size until the day of birth. This is ensured, among other things, by stretch inserts at the hips and belly or a slightly asymmetrical cut, so that our maternity shirts and dresses do not become too short with advancing pregnancy. That means maternity clothes you buy in the 4th month of pregnancy will still fit you just as well in the 9th and 10th months of pregnancy. So you don't have to buy new clothes every few weeks.

3) The nursing function 

Our maternity wear is often equipped with discreetly hidden nursing openings, so that you can easily nurse in them later. After the birth, you don't have to completely sort out your wardrobe and get new clothes, but you simply continue to wear your favorites from pregnancy - at least until the end of nursing or even longer...


4) The cut (with and without baby bump)

Maternity fashion you can only wear with baby bump? Those days are long gone. Our maternity fashion is designed to look great even after pregnancy. During pregnancy, it emphasizes your belly and gives it enough room to grow. In the postpartum period, our maternity pants, shirts and dresses are not only super comfortable, they also conceal quite pleasantly. But even long after the birth you can wear most of our stylish pieces without being recognized at first glance as maternity fashion.

Your contribution for "sustainable" maternity fashion

You too can do something for the sustainability of your Mamarella maternity fashion. It starts with choosing and ordering your new favorite pieces.

 For your very first maternity fashion shopping, we recommend our maternity fashion guide. There we have clearly summarized how much and which maternity fashion you really need as basic equipment. If you use this as a guide, you can avoid potential mispurchases that will remain unworn in your closet.

 Returns are free of charge for orders from Germany and Austria, so you can easily return things that don't fit within the 14-day cancellation period. However, every return also means avoidable emissions due to the transport of the goods back and forth. To avoid returns as much as possible, do not order a garment in several sizes. Our size guide will help you to find the right size for you. If you are still unsure about which size fits, just contact our customer service. Our professional customer service representatives have years of experience in maternity fashion and will be more than happy to help you. Just send us an email to or call us at 089-14727690.

 Once you've found your new favorite piece, it's time to be careful with it. When washing your maternity clothes, follow the washing and care tips on the clothing labels. This will protect the material and the colors, so that your clothes will still look like new even after many washes.

 If you decide to buy maternity wear with nursing function during pregnancy, you can continue to wear your new shirts and dresses comfortably during breastfeeding and long after. When buying your maternity wear, make sure that the new clothes match your style and that you would wear them even without a baby bump. Then your maternity dress will quickly become your favorite dress for life!

And if you want to say goodbye to your maternity dresses later? Then let them move on and give them away or donate them so that they can make other mom-to-be's happy. Sustainability at its best!