GUIDE: Baby Bonding

The bonding phase between parents & baby after birth

What is baby bonding?
What are the benefits of baby bonding?
Why mom baby bonding?
Is nursing also baby bonding?
Why dad baby bonding?
How long should baby bonding be done?
How do you encourage baby bonding?
What is a baby bonding shirt?
Where can you get a baby bonding shirt?

What is Baby Bonding?

Every baby depends on its parents after birth and needs extra protection, love and warmth. Baby bonding refers to this important phase right after birth, when the emotional relationship between baby and his parents is strongly shaped by close skin contact, nursing and cuddling.

What are the benefits of Baby Bonding?

During baby bonding/cuddling with direct skin contact, the hormone oxytocin, the so-called cuddle hormone, is released, which induces feelings of happiness, love and security in both the baby and the parents. The baby receives many benefits from bonding, such as the strengthening of primal trust and a feeling of security, calmer sleep, body warmth from the parents, and faster adjustment to breastfeeding. Also the self-confidence in later childhood and the building of relationships with other people are positively influenced by a close bond to the parents.

Why mom/baby bonding?

During pregnancy you already develop a special relationship with your baby in the belly, it hears your voices and perceives you. After birth, intensive skin contact/ Baby Bonding is especially important and even essential for mom and baby. In addition, baby bonding promotes milk flow and supports healing in the postpartum period. So cuddling not only means strengthening the emotional bond, but also physical healing for mom & baby after birth.

Is nursing also baby bonding?

First time latching on and nursing are especially powerful in helping the bond between you and your baby. Feeding your baby and direct skin-to-skin contact are both emotionally and physically healing and strengthening for you and your baby. When you or dad give your baby a bottle, direct skin contact helps just as much, so your baby can feel the body smell, warmth and heartbeat of you or the dad.

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Why dad/baby bonding?

Many fathers-to-be build a relationship with their baby during pregnancy, stroking their partners baby bump and talking to the baby in their mommy's belly. After birth, the intense skin-to-skin contact between father and baby strengthens a trusting and loving relationship and instills feelings of happiness in both father and baby. This strengthens the relationship between father and child in the long term, which also has an extremely positive effect on the child as it continues to grow up. Children are considered to be more sociable, independent and relaxed if they have developed a close relationship with their father from birth onwards. You can find all our dad products here.

How long should you do baby bonding?

Immediately after birth, there can't be too much skin contact with your baby. Especially during the postpartum period (at least six to eight weeks), bonding allows both mom and baby to recover together from the stresses of birth and enjoy skin contact for as long as it is good for both of them. This also applies to dad baby bonding. Intensive cuddling and the associated feeling of love and security always have a positive effect on the baby. Parents quickly develop an instinct to respond correctly to their baby's needs.

How do you encourage baby bonding?

Lots of close physical contact, where the baby feels skin contact, warmth, smell and hears the heartbeat of its parents, all this helps with baby bonding. That is, intense cuddling with direct skin contact while your baby is lying on your chest or on the chest of the dad is especially helpful for emotional bonding. Our baby bonding shirts for mom and dad are specially designed to have direct skin-to-skin contact with baby and support the important process of baby bonding.

What is a baby bonding shirt?

Our mom baby and dad baby bonding shirts, are shirts that allow direct skin-to-skin contact with your baby while you wear the shirt. Due to the practical wrap design and the elastic material, you can wear our mom baby bonding shirt during pregnancy as a maternity shirt and afterwards as a nursing shirt. Your baby will lie on your bare chest under an integrated layer of fabric and nestle directly against your skin, allowing you to enjoy relaxed closeness while sitting. The upper fabric layers lie gently over your baby and can be flexibly adjusted with a loop. When wearing the bonding shirt, you have both hands free and can freely stroke, hold or read a book to your baby.

How to use the Mom's Bonding Top:

Step 1: The smart design allows you to wear the Bonding Top already during pregnancy as a chic wrap maternity top

Step 2: After birth, place your baby inside the inner layer of the top on your chest with direct skin contact

Step 3: Pull the belt through the hole in the side seam while holding your baby in place

Schritt 4: Close the top by tying it on the side. Use only when sitting down and ensure your baby is held in place

Where to get a baby bonding shirt?

You have already researched baby bonding shirts and would like to gift one to yourself, your partner or a friend as a birth gift? In our online store you will find an assortment of sustainable bonding shirt for mom and dad. You can choose between different sleeve lengths and colors for our Mama Baby Bonding Shirts depending on the season and your heart's desire.