What is a diaper bag exactly?
Why do I need a diaper bag?
How big is a diaper bag?
What does a diaper bag offer?
Diaper bags - an everyday life saver
Diaper bag - what exactly to pack and when?
What kinds of diaper bags are there?
Diaper bags - light and stylish
Diaper bags - luxuriously leather
Diaper backpacks- the perfect alternative!
2 in 1 diaper bags
Diaper bags and backpacks for dads
Unisex diaper bags
Accessories: Organizers and diaper compartments
How long can I use a diaper bag?

What is a diaper bag exactly?

A diaper bag is, as the name suggests, a bag that is perfectly designed for the needs in the first years with a baby. But it is not only ideal for storing diapers and diaper-changing utensils. It is a true storage miracle for all important things, stands by you in every situation and offers numerous practical functions. You don't have to worry about suddenly having to walk around with an oversized and bulky bag. On the contrary!

Since 2004, we have always been on the lookout for the highest quality and most practical diaper bags to make your everyday life as a mother easier. And we succeed very well, because by now we are experts and can proudly say: we have the most beautiful models with the best features. Depending on what type you are, you will find large, small, multifunctional, luxurious or classic diaper bags.

In contrast to a conventional handbag or shopper, our diaper bags have special features that will make your everyday life with baby and toddler much easier. But you don't have to sacrifice design and style. Our diaper bags are modern and stylish and all have that certain something.

Why do I ned a diaper bag?

"Not without my diaper bag!"

It's not without reason that we hear this phrase from new mums all the time. Once you've chosen one of our diaper bags and tried it out, you'll know why we love our baby bags so much. We would strongly advise you not to experiment with using a regular bag as a changing bag. Even the biggest shopper won't give you the practicality of a changing bag. The fact that a regular bag doesn't have an attachment for the pram and that you can only carry it over your shoulder in an impractical way speaks for a diaper bag alone. But of course that is only one of many details. The division of numerous intelligent compartments, both inside and out, also makes it unique. Just like the materials used, which protect against liquids and damp clothes. A diaper bag is also not in your way on shorter walks, because you can also carry it over your shoulder or crossed over with an extra wide shoulder strap.

In short, a diaper bag makes your life as a mother much easier. One handle is enough and you already have the fresh nappy and all the accessories at hand - without having to rummage around for a long time while you hold your baby with the other hand.

How big is a diaper bag?

Our diaper bag models range from the compact diaper bag that can easily be carried in one hand to the spacious weekender model. Just like regular bags and handbags, you can choose a diaper bag according to your personal needs. For the beginning, we advise you to choose a larger diaper bag in which you can really fit everything in and don't end up needing an extra handbag. After all, you should have your hands free.

What does a diaper bag offer?

Flexible compartments

  • Inner and outer pockets
  • Compartment for wet wipes
  • Thermo-compartment
  • Compartments with zippers

A diaper bag, also called a baby bag or changing bag, is not only a popular must-have for the diaper years, but also a perfect helper in everyday life later on. The biggest advantage is certainly the flexibility and practical division of the interior and exterior compartments. Our models have numerous subdivisions so that you have all the important utensils quickly to hand. From diapers and a change of baby clothes to bottles and smartphones.

The inner lining is conveniently wipeable, so if any spills happen, you can clean them up relatively quickly without them soaking through the bag. When you're out and about, you need to know that everything is securely and practically in place, and that's possible with our changing bags.

Many of our changing bag models also have an integrated, leak-proof insulated compartment for the baby bottle. An extra wet wipe compartment keeps wet wipes and wet clothes safe. In addition, almost all of our changing bags come with a matching, water-repellent changing mat. So you can really change your baby anywhere without any complications.


  • waterproof inner lining
  • changing mat
  • pram clips
  • shoulder strap

The lining of our baby bags is wipeable, which you will appreciate as a new mum. There is nothing worse when liquid such as milk or water leaks out and spreads throughout the bag, so that the outside gets wet or even starts dripping. That's why our diaper bags have an extra compartment for the baby bottle or water bottle and an extra compartment for wet wipes and wet clothes. If something does spill in the main compartment, the inside can be washed. Many nappy bags also include a foldable changing mat and separate loops or snap hooks integrated into the handle for attaching to the pram. Clever fastening clips make it easy to attach the bag.

Diaper bags - an everyday life saver

Most of our models can be carried flexibly with handles and shoulder straps, so that you can take everything with you even without a pram. Ideal for shorter trips or if you drive a lot. If you pack a diaper bag as a clinic bag during pregnancy, it can be useful for several years and is a worthwhile purchase. Even with a toddler, there are plenty of things you need to pack for everyday life, from your favourite cuddly toy to emergency snacks and water for when you're out and about. Together with a change of clothes and your personal belongings, a handbag is quickly packed to the brim. And even if your child has been carrying their own backpack for a long time, that doesn't mean you need to pack less.

Diaper bag - what exactly to pack and when?

Tip: If you refill the diaper bag as soon as you get home, you'll be able to quickly run out the door again whenever you need to, without the hassle of packing before. It makes sense to buy a diaper bag during your pregnancy and use it as a clinic bag. This way you can use it right after the birth and have everything you need within an arm's reach during your stay at the hospital.

We've put together a short checklist for the ideal way to fill a diaper bag. After a while, you will be more used to remembering everything you need.

  • Spare diapers
  • A few disposable diaper bags (for the bin)
  • Wet wipes and cremes for baby
  • Hand creme
  • An extra pair of socks
  • Baby clothes to change: body, onesie
  • A bib for older babies
  • Burp cloths (perfect for haning over the pram as protection from the sun)
  • Pacifier and Attachment
  • Your baby's favourite toy
  • Snacks for you
  • First aid set with band-aids and disinfectant
  • Sun cream
  • Changing mat (included in a lot of bags sold by Mamarella)
  • Nursing pads
  • Chaning shirt (Maternity und nursing shirt)
  • Water bottle
  • Nursing poncho for on the go

What kinds of diaper bags are there?

It is best to first ask yourself what is particularly important to you and what you value most. You will find diaper bags in different price ranges with individual features and advantages. Whether you prefer a diaper backpack, a leather diaper bag or a nylon carrier bag for you and your baby - there is something for every taste and lifestyle.

"What kind of diaper bag are you?"

  • On the go with a pram often?
  • Prefer to have both hands free?
  • Going straight from the nursery to the office?
  • Are you a bit of a travel bug?
  • Traveling by car or bike?

While most mothers in the USA travel by car and therefore prefer diaper bags with a practical shoulder strap, European women crave flexibility above all. Our diaper bags with long, detachable carrying straps, handles and hooks for pram clips are therefore very popular. This way, you can use your nappy bag in the way that suits you best, depending on the situation.

If you travel a lot with a pram, you can choose one of our larger diaper bags. These can be carried comfortably over the shoulder for shorter journeys and are also the ideal companions in the car.

Diaper bags: Light and stylish

Do you also use your diaper bag very often when you are out and about without a pram? Do you therefore want it to be mainly practical and robust? Then our lightweight nylon shopper models are just the thing for you. These diaper bags are particularly suitable for mums who need to have everything within an arm's reach. The water-repellent material can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth and is robust in handling. Numerous compartments, zips and a practical shoulder strap make everyday life easier for you in every situation.

Diaper bags - luxuriously leather

„Not just for the modern working mom“

If you can't do without high-quality leather and design in a diaper bag, we can recommend our luxurious leather diaper bags. These bags are the perfect solution if you want to use the nappy bag also after nappy time and don't want to switch between shopper and nappy bag all the time. Especially perfect for all working mums who pick up their child from nursery or kindergarten directly after work and are on the road a lot with the pram at first. This way you have everything you need for your working day and the time afterwards, and you also have a beautiful bag that matches your business outfit.Die perfekte Mischung aus Qualität und Style vereinen unsere Wickeltaschen Modelle aus veganem und schadstofffreiem Kunstleder. Das Material sieht hochwertig aus, ist robust in der Handhabung und die Taschen sind natürlich auch mit einem intelligentem Fächersystem ausgestattet.

Diaper backpacks - the perfect alternative

„Square, practical and good - and especially stylish!“

Have you always been a fan of backpacks, do you want to have your hands free and are you often out and about without a pram? Then one of our functional changing backpacks will certainly fit the bill. Especially if you often plan weekend trips or longer journeys with your baby. In a changing backpack, you can store your valuables safely against your body and relax when you are away from the pram. If you often carry your baby in a sling and only travel short distances, a backpack is extremely practical. Our changing backpacks score points with an even distribution of the weight as well as adjustable straps and padding on the shoulders and back. So your back is optimally supported and you have both hands free. Of course, they are also ideal for cycling.

In addition to classic models in muted colours, our colourful 2-in-1 changing backpacks made of waxed cotton are also very popular. They fit especially well in the warmer seasons and have a more compact design. Perfect if you travel a lot by bike or for family holidays! In no time at all, you can turn the changing backpack into a practical beach or bath bag. The robust material with beautiful patterns and details is perfect for every outing and highlights your outfit.

2 in 1 diaper bags

If you need both a bag and a backpack for everyday use, we recommend our 2-in-1 changing bags that can be converted into a changing backpack. Our models can be carried comfortably over the shoulder with a shoulder strap or on the back with a shoulder strap. Of course, these changing bags can also be easily attached to the pram or travel buggy.

Diaper bags and backpacks for dads

Of course, diaper bags are also suitable for fathers who like to be out and about with their children. Diaper bags and diaper backpacks with a separate laptop compartment in muted colours and a sporty design are particularly popular with men and can be a great companion throughout the day. This way, every dad can pick up his child from childcare straight from the office and have his laptop and nappy-changing utensils in one place. More and more dads like to have their own baby bag and so you can have two different styles of diaper bags at home and change in between.

Also highly recommended: our 2 in 1 changing bags in classic colours that can be converted into a backpack, or our bestselling backpack with laptop compartment.

Unisex diaper bags

Many of our diaper bags can be used by both parents without any problems because they are very classic, modern and in unisex colours. You will find many shades of grey, black and brown in our shop, which simply go with any look. If you're travelling as a family, it's easy to share the diaper bag and you can easily fit everything in. Of course, our larger Family models are particularly suitable here.

Accessories: Organizers and diaper compartments

If you love order and want to have certain things quickly at hand, you won't be able to get past a changing bag and a pram organiser. They are the perfect addition to your diaper bag and a particularly stylish accessory in addition to the practical aspect. They make every outing twice as much fun. You can stow a few diapers and wet wipes in a nappy bag or a diaper clutch, and with just a flick of the wrist you have the essentials with you and one hand free for your child. So you don't have to rummage around in public for a long time if you need to go quickly. Treat yourself to a particularly beautiful one from our large selection of elegant wrap-around cases made of smooth leather or cool suede. Your valuables are also quickly in a safe place and, above all, very stylish.

A pram organiser, on the other hand, keeps your buggy or pram tidy no matter where you are. Some models can be closed with a Velcro or zip fastener, so that personal items such as keys and wallet are always at hand and safely stowed away. It also has an extra compartment for your or your baby's water bottle. So you don't have to open your bag and stop.

How long should I use a diaper bag?

"From a clinic bag to a practical travel bag".

You can already pack our nappy bags as a clinic bag during pregnancy and will use them for at least the nappy years. In other words: a baby bag is simply indispensable for at least two or three years. So the investment is worthwhile in any case. Later on, a diaper bag can also be used as a bathing bag or an excursion bag. Some diaper bags have a removable organiser, so the baby bag can quickly be converted into a shopper. In most cases it won't get dusty in the corner and you can also pass it on to your sister or friend.

If, after the first or second year of your baby's life, you find that you no longer need to carry as many things as you did at the beginning, you can of course switch to a smaller model or a 2-in-1 changing bag. The combination of a compact changing bag and a larger baby bag is a popular solution for mums who want to be flexible everywhere.