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The big maternity wear 1 x 1

Are you pregnant for the first time? Congratulations and welcome to Mamarella! Now you're probably asking yourself, what is maternity wear anyway and do I really need it? Is it worth buying maternity clothes only for a few weeks of pregnancy? Our answer is a resounding YES! The best thing is that our maternity wear is not only based on the latest trends, but is also designed so that you can continue to wear it after pregnancy, during nursing and for a long time afterwards. To find out what maternity wear is and what a good basic maternity wardrobe looks like, check out our maternity wear shopping guide.

Why do I need maternity wear?

It's simple: you'll always look great in it, no matter how big your bump is or how much your silhouette changes during these nine months. The special designs make our maternity wear very particular garments that accentuate your physical changes during pregnancy and support you in the best possible way.

Even though every pregnancy is different, one thing is always the same: your body will change a lot during the 40 weeks of pregnancy and the postpartum period. You won't feel super comfortable in your skin every day, that's just part of it and it happens to every expectant mum - believe us, we've been there too. That's why we know from our own experience that it's super important that your clothes give you a sense of comfort and confidence during these phases. And that's what the right maternity clothes can do.

Here we go! When do I need maternity wear?

At the very beginning of your pregnancy, your body starts to change. Your bust will increase and at the latest when your bump starts to grow in the 8th to 9th week, your favourite clothes will no longer fit well. This is quite a shock for many of us at first. Of course, from now on you could only go out in loose sweatpants or help yourself to your better half's wardrobe, but honestly - who wants that? The time has come - you need maternity wear!

We promise you - as soon as you put on a pair of maternity jeans or one of our maternity leggings for the first time, you won't want to take them off again. Good maternity wear not only gives you a great silhouette, it's also super comfortable and leaves enough room for your bump to grow until the end of your last trimester.

What maternity wear do I really need?

To prepare your wardrobe for pregnancy and nursing, you should think about what you really need as a basic outfit. Of course, this depends on many individual factors such as your personal clothing style. Do you prefer trousers or are you more the dress type? Do you work in an office and need formal business clothes for everyday life? Do you like sports and don't want to miss out on them even with a baby bump? Do you have special occasions coming up for which you need festive outfits? Your maternity wardrobe will also be influenced by the time of year you will be pregnant, especially in the second half of your pregnancy.

Your basic wardrobe should include a small selection of trousers, shirts, dresses, underwear, nightwear and loungewear. Depending on the season, you will also need one or two jackets that you can fasten over your baby bump. Since you can continue to wear our maternity wear even after pregnancy, you don't have to limit yourself when shopping. Based on our many years of experience - Mamarella has been around since 2004 - we recommend the following list of maternity clothes that will get you through your pregnancy very well.

How much maternity wear do I need?

Another tip: When choosing your maternity clothes, make sure that the individual pieces can be combined well with each other so that you can create as many outfits as possible from as few pieces as possible.

Shop sustainably: Buy once, wear for a long time

Do you know what the best thing about our high-quality maternity wear is? The durability! You can comfortably wear our maternity wear from the first to the third trimester, often even during nursing and beyond. Yes, you read that right. Many of our tops, dresses, trousers and jackets are great to wear even without a baby bump and simply move on to your regular wardrobe after babyhood. So you can be sure that your investment in high-quality maternity fashion will pay off in the long run.

Of course, you can also wear our fashion in other pregnancies without any problems. Thanks to the high quality and modern, timeless designs, our maternity wear will easily withstand further pregnancies and nursing periods. This means you won't have to go through the hassle of getting a new basic outfit for another pregnancy, because you already have it in your wardrobe.

What is maternity wear?

If you're pregnant for the first time, maternity fashion is completely new to you and you've probably never held a pair of maternity jeans or a maternity shirt in your hand. Welcome to the new mama club! We've all been there. So here's a quick explanation of the most important maternity fashion essentials. The 1 x 1 of maternity fashion, so to speak:

What is maternity jeans?

At first glance, our latest maternity jeans are indistinguishable from your regular favourite jeans in terms of washes, materials (many of them sustainable!) and style. But take a closer look and you'll notice the clever changes that turn them into maternity jeans. For example, our maternity jeans are extra soft and stretchy. Elastic inserts at the waistband give your baby bump enough room and gentle support. You can choose between jeans with an overbump or underbump waistband. Many of our maternity jeans also have an elasticated waistband, so you can keep adjusting your new favourite trousers as your bump grows. Some even have a removable waistband. This means you can continue to wear your jeans comfortably even after pregnancy. You can find everything you need to know about maternity jeans in our maternity jeans guide.

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What is a maternity shirt?

Our maternity shirts are also perfectly tailored to your changing body. Thanks to stretchy materials, gathers and clever pleating, your bump always has enough room to grow without your shirt ever running out of fabric. Special design elements such as darts in the back, flounces or a highlighted empire line flatter your new silhouette. The right necklines, such as deep V or round necklines, also set off your décolleté.

We have a wide selection of maternity shirts, maternity blouses and maternity tunics to style for work, outings or events - so you don't have to worry about boredom in your wardrobe with a baby bump! Our tip: Make sure that at least most of your maternity tops have nursing openings, so you can continue to wear them for a long time after the birth and the money invested will pay off twice over.

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What is a maternity dress?

Do you love dresses as much as we do? Then you'll love them even more during your pregnancy. Maternity dresses simply give you that extra feminine look and accentuate your baby bump beautifully. At the same time, they give you maximum freedom of movement and don't constrict you. Like our shirts, our maternity dresses are made with stretchy fabrics, ruffles, pleats and other special design elements to perfectly fit your changing silhouette. Choose from short, midi or long dresses with a variety of sleeves and necklines. Particularly popular are our maternity dresses in the trendy layered look, which not only look stylish but also have discreetly hidden nursing openings. Depending on the occasion and the look you want, you'll find plenty of casual maternity dresses and festive maternity dresses.

Our tip: Our maternity shaper gives you a smooth silhouette under your dresses and is super comfortable at the same time. Our maternity tights in skin tones will give you smooth legs, and in black they'll add the perfect finish to any outfit. They gently support your bump without constricting you.

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Do I need a pregnancy bra?

Absolutely! A well-fitting bra should be the be-all and end-all of your underwear during pregnancy. A pregnancy and nursing bra gives your changing breasts the support they need during this special time and relieves the strain on your back. Not only will your breasts grow during the pregnancy months, but your ribcage will also expand. Elastic materials and a closure system with up to six rows of hooks in our nursing bras always give you the flexibility you need during this time.

In the 4th month at the latest, you should measure your breasts properly and buy two or three maternity bras. In the 7th month of pregnancy you should measure yourself again and check your bra size. How to measure your bra size correctly is explained in detail in our nursing bra guide.

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Long-time favourite: maternity jacket with baby carrier insert

As your bump grows, you won't be able to fit your normal jacket over it. Then it's time for one of our practical maternity jackets that give your baby bump plenty of room to grow. Many of our maternity jackets also have a baby carrier insert, so you can still close them over your baby carrier after the birth. Last but not least, styles like our bestselling maternity parka look great long after your baby is born and carried.

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Maternity sportswear for maximum support and freedom of movement

Special maternity sportswear gives you the freedom of movement you need during your workouts and doesn't constrict you. At the same time, they support your bump. A matching sports nursing bra also gives your breasts enough support. You can also find maternity swimwear for aqua gymnastics or swimming during pregnancy.

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What size maternity wear schould I buy?

Our maternity wear does not have a complicated conversion chart or special sizes. The designs are made to fit you throughout your pregnancy in your usual clothing size and "grow" in the right places. This means that you can be sure that our maternity clothes will fit you until the birth and that you won't have to buy new clothes regularly during your pregnancy.

The only thing that will change during your pregnancy is your bra size. That's why you should take your measurements at the latest in the 4th month of pregnancy and later again in the 7th month and determine your correct bra size using our size chart. You can find detailed instructions on how to measure correctly in our guide: Nursing bras.

If you are still unsure about what size you need, just give us a call. We'll be happy to advise you personally and answer any questions you may have.

What should I look out for when buying maternity wear?

You have already taken the first important step to avoid bad buys ad badly invested money: You have landed with us, with Mamarella. After almost 20 years of experience in maternity fashion, we simply know what really matters. And we are happy to share our knowledge with you, so that you can enjoy your maternity and nursing clothes for a long time.

And that's where the keyword came in: maternity AND nursing clothes! Buying new maternity clothes is especially worthwhile if you can wear them not only during your pregnancy but also beyond. Most of our tops and dresses are therefore also equipped with a nursing function. The hidden nursing openings give you quick access to your breast without having to undress. Discreet nursingin public becomes super easy that way.

When it comes to fit and comfort, our designers have already thought of everything for you: our tops and bottoms are cut to fit you at all stages of pregnancy, creating a favourable silhouette at all times. Stretchy materials, elasticated waistbands and clever pleating and gathers make it possible. In addition, seamless designs ensure a particularly high level of comfort, especially with items that lie directly on the skin (underwear, belly bands in your maternity trousers, maternity tights, belly supports, shapewear, etc.).

Otherwise, when buying maternity clothes, look for exactly the same things you look for in your regular clothes: modern designs and a mix of easily combinable basics and stylish It pieces. However, you should pay special attention to quality. Even more than in your "unpregnant" life, you will notice inferior materials in your clothes. Hard, scratchy fabrics that don't let your skin breathe and make you sweat are an absolute no-go. You'll notice that soft, elastic and skin-friendly fabrics like viscose, modal and tencel are much more appealing. This is because your skin gets better supplied with blood during pregnancy and is therefore more sensitive. In addition, you don't want to expose your unborn child to harmful substances that you could absorb through your skin from cheaply produced textiles. We therefore advise you to use natural fabrics such as organic cotton, ideally certified with Oeko-Tex Standard 100.