5 minutes to Midnight - The final Preperations

How big will I still get? Will I be a good mother? Have I thought of everything? Just before the birth, you often have a thousand thoughts running through your head at the same time. We'll tell you what you should really be thinking about.

I'm packing my hospital bag and I'll take...

You should start packing your hospital bag a good month before your due date. It is a nice ritual to get in the mood for the birth, and at the same time you will feel well prepared. It's a good idea to take care and cosmetic items, as well as comfortable clothes for you and your baby.

Everything for your baby

To make sure that your baby is as cozy in their first days of life as they are in your belly, you should definitely get a soft baby blanket, preferably made of organic cotton. A little rule of thumb for the beginning: initial equipment is everything your baby needs to sleep well, to be well cared for and to be comfortably dressed.

Make yourself comfortable

Admittedly, relaxation is rather rare, especially in the first period after giving birth. Reason enough to help out a little with comfortable lounge pants, a nursing hoodie or seamless underwear. Good mamas are the ones who also do something good for themselves.

Keep calm and take it easy

We know - easier said than done. But it's important to keep reminding yourself of that. So remember: Don't let yourself get stressed out. Especially not at the beginning. Even if your baby cries, the living room is a mess and the washing machine is loudly beeping. It's not the end of the world.

Sleep well, Mama!

Your baby wants to be nursed. Even at night. For many mothers, this is understandably a big challenge. To make breastfeeding at night as comfortable as possible, we offer you a wide range of cosy and functional nightwear - whether nursing pyjamas or nightgowns, they help make your life as a mum a little easier.