Nursing bras - do I really need one?
Where to buy a nursing bra?
What is a nursing bra?
How does a nursing bra work?
Do I need a maternity bra or a nursing bra?
When do I buy a nursing bra?
How do I find my size?
How do I measure myself correctly?
What size nursing bra should I get?
How do I know if my bra fits?
Bra extenders for more wiggle room
How many bras do I need?
What kinds of maternity and nursing bras are there?
Why wear a nursing bra to bed?
Which nursing bra suits me best?
Nursing bras for a larger bust
Nursing bras for a smaller bust
Nursing lingerie with lace
How long should I wear my nursing bra?

Nursing bras - do I really need one?

The answer is a resounding "yes" - and not just one! We'll explain the advantages of a nursing bra and what you should look out for so that you can be relaxed and supported during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

"Relaxed mum = relaxed baby".

Our team, consisting of self-confident and fashion-conscious mamas and women, has been constantly comparing and testing new maternity and nursing bras with their different features since 2004. We have become experts and know exactly which materials and designs can support you optimally. A nursing bra is definitely one of the absolute must-haves during pregnancy. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable in your body and can stay active, and that of course starts with your underwear. Later, when you are nursing, you will benefit even more from the comfort and design of a nursing bra and this will also relax your baby.

Where to buy a nursing bra?

You can save yourself a trip to the shop, avoid cramped changing rooms and don't have to worry about your size not being available. The big advantage of our Mamarella shop is not only the large selection, but also the fast processing. Our personal customer service is available every day to help you with urgent questions. Order your favourite nursing bras conveniently on account and try on different bras at your leisure after you have determined your personal size here. Even if you have a very large bust, you can choose from a wide range of maternity and nursing bras that wear like a second skin and still provide support.

What is a nursing bra?

  • Breathable, soft material and stretchy cups
  • Better size adjustment through at least six rows of hooks
  • Gentle support with ribbed knitted sections, side nursing supports
  • No uncomfortable seams

The most important criteria of our maternity and nursing bras are the comfortable and soft feel and the supportive properties that adapt to your body during pregnancy and nursing. In regular bras, less stretch is used and the material and seams are stronger and stiffer. They usually have a fastening with only two to three adjustable rows of hooks. So sooner or later, a conventional bra will pinch, pinch or even cut into the skin during pregnancy. Anything but comfortable.

Our pregnancy and nursing bras are made of particularly breathable and pollutant-free materials such as cotton, modal or bamboo viscose. The cups are stretchy, particularly soft and usually come with only a few or even no annoying seams. All in all, more stretch is used to achieve a pleasant wearing sensation, as the material adapts perfectly to your changing body. The wonderfully soft material feels like a second skin and your bust is gently supported. An elasticated underbust band can provide additional support as well as extra cup inserts to protect and conceal the nipples if needed. Most of our nursing bras have fastenings with at least six rows of hooks so there is no unnecessary friction. The adjustable straps and side breastfeeding supports also help to shape your breasts.

How does a nursing bra work?

  • Multifunctional design
  • Features quick nursing access
  • Plenty of room for nursing pads
  • Comfortable to wear during the day, at night and during sports

Our nursing bras promise maximum support, a comfortable feel and easy handling. While you mainly benefit from its comfort during pregnancy, it supports you in a very special way during nursing. The special nursing clips on the straps can be opened with one hand, leaving your hands free for your baby. At home, all you need is a small handle and you can concentrate fully on your baby. But you can also nurse in public in a relaxed and discreet way, especially in combination with our nursing shirts or blouses with practical nursing access. Our nursing bras also offer enough space for nursing pads, so you feel safe even when you're out and about.

Do I need a maternity bra or a nursing bra?

If you plan to breastfeed after giving birth, you can easily choose a nursing bra right from the start. A nursing bra is suitable for your entire pregnancy as well as during the breastfeeding and postpartum period. It offers you the same features as a pregnancy bra and also has practical nursing clips or a neckline that is wonderfully suitable for breastfeeding. Even if the nursing bra is too small for you at the end of your pregnancy, it can fit you again later after the birth. Our seamless maternity and nursing bra meets your needs from the beginning of your pregnancy and offers you enough room to move until the birth thanks to the elastic, soft material. With no irritating seams, an elastic underbust band and side reinforcements, it also supports your breasts during breastfeeding.

Wann kaufe ich einen Still BH?

"Benefit from comfort and quality as early as pregnancy!"

Some women notice they are pregnant before they even get a pregnancy test. Often, the breasts already feel heavier and have become more sensitive in the first weeks of pregnancy. Your chest also expands to make room for the baby. Then you quickly find that your favourite bra is no longer comfortable. Now it's time to choose a maternity bra. We recommend that you buy your first maternity bra in your usual size. Our maternity and nursing bras usually have at least 6 hooks, giving you enough room to adjust depending on how quickly your breasts change. Our non-underwired nursing bras are particularly soft against your skin and give you plenty of room to adjust your size.

How do I find my size?

"80% of all women wear the wrong bra size!"

Of course, the right size is especially important for comfort. Did you know that almost 80% of all women generally wear the wrong bra size? The effects are tension in the neck area, problems with the cervical vertebrae and even chronic head and back pain if the wrong bra is worn for years. As your breasts begin to grow and gain weight during pregnancy, they need extra support to prevent stretch marks. A nursing bra will continue to support you during breastfeeding and help your breasts regain their former shape afterwards. Especially during pregnancy and breastfeeding, a well-fitting bra is essential. Your breasts are heavy, sensitive and need the perfect fit. All you need is a measuring tape and a few important points:

  • Take precise measurements at the beginning of the 4th month of pregnancy at the latest.
  • Measure again in the 7th month
  • Re-measure after the birth and/or after the milk has come in

If you decide to buy a nursing bra, please make sure that it fits well. We recommend that you take your measurements at the beginning of the 4th month of pregnancy at the latest. If you are not sure about the size or if you are between two sizes, we recommend that you take a cup size larger. You should measure again around the 7th month when your belly and breasts have grown noticeably. Even then, allow for a little more leeway as they usually increase in volume shortly before the birth. For the time after the birth, we advise you to buy two to three nursing bras with an additional size larger in order to plan for the milk supply and nursing pads.

How do I measure myself correctly?

  • First measure the circumference directly under your bust and then measure your bust itself.
  • Important for the underbust measurement: The measuring tape must be flat across your back and lie firmly so that you can still breathe. The biggest mistake women often make is measuring an underbust band that is too big!
  • Important for the upper bust measurement: the tape measure should lie loosely on the breasts so that it does not constrict them, the nipples are slightly flattened.
  • Now compare the measured values with our size chart

"80% of the weight of your breast is carried by the nursing bra itself, only 20% by the straps."

Measure the circumference directly under your breast and then your breast itself. When measuring the underbust measurement, please make sure the tape measure is flat across your back and rests firmly so that you can still breathe easily. When measuring the overbust measurement, it is important that the tape measure lies loosely so that it does not constrict the breasts. Otherwise it could distort the measurement. Don't forget to check that the tape is at the same height across your chest and back. With the help of the measured values, you can easily read off the size of your maternity underwear in our size chart.

When buying a maternity and nursing bra, make sure that it fastens with the tightest hook. This will allow your bra to grow comfortably with your ribcage, as it will continue to expand over the next few months. The straps should not cut in and the cups should not squeeze your sensitive breasts. Note: You should be able to wear any nursing bra without straps, as the straps are there to hold the bra in place.

What size nursing bra should I get?

"Have you ever heard of nursing bras in diagonal sizes?

As your breasts can change enormously during pregnancy and after birth, it is not always easy to find the right nursing bra, even if you try out a few models. With this rule of thumb, you can easily find the right size for you:

If the underbust band is too loose, it is advisable to choose the next larger letter, but one size smaller for the number. For example, if 80E is too loose under the bust, try 75F. If the underbust band is too tight, try a bra with a larger size and a smaller cup, for example, 80E instead of 75F.

WHow do i know if my bra fits?

The cups of the nursing bra should give your breasts enough room, but not be too large. The connecting bar between the cups should be wide enough and rest directly on the skin between the two breasts. The underwires should go all the way around the breasts. In the case of underwire-free nursing bras, the breasts should also be fully covered and the connecting bridge should not protrude.

Please note: between about the 2nd and 4th day after birth, the milk supply comes in and you can therefore expect two to three cup sizes larger. Your nursing bra should then be comfortable to wear in the outermost hook. Later, when your ribcage starts to shrink again, you can tighten your nursing bra by one or two hooks. This way it will gradually fit your ribcage again.

Bra extenders for more wiggle room

Our bra extenders with four additional hooks can compensate very well for intermediate sizes. If, for example, regular bras still fit you at the beginning of your pregnancy and you only want a little more leeway in the underbust size, an extension is ideal. Bra extensions are often worth their weight in gold, especially after the onset of milk, as your breast size can fluctuate greatly. Since you have already planned for some leeway in the cup size, you can now also get relief in the width.

How many nursing bras do i need?

Depending on how your breasts change, you will need at least two maternity bras or nursing bras at the beginning to change and can change to a larger cup size in the last trimester if necessary. Before the birth, we advise you to buy two to three more nursing bras in good time, taking the milk supply into account. It makes sense to leave enough room and take a cup size larger. Nursing pads will then also have enough room. In combination with the matching nightwear, you will feel comfortable right away in the hospital.

We reccomend:

  • 2 to 3 models during pregnancy (1st/2nd trimester)
  • 2 to 3 models for shortly before and after birth, taking into account the milk supply
  • Additionally, if required, a sports nursing bra and a sleep nursing bra

What kinds of maternity and nursing bras are there?

Plunge nursing bra 

The plunge nursing bra has a plunging neckline, making it perfect for V-necks and deep v-necks. The narrow centre band allows for sophisticated tops while remaining invisible. With a smaller bust size, the plunge bra creates a beautiful décolleté and visually enlarges the bust.

T-Shirt nursing bra

T-shirt nursing bras include all bras that are made without disturbing seams and do not show under clothing, or especially under tight shirts. They are often made without underwires.

Push-Up nursing bra

A push-up nursing bra has an underwire and built-in cushions or gel pads in the cups that lift the breasts. This creates a sexy décolleté and makes the breasts appear larger. It is therefore particularly suitable for women with smaller breasts.n.

Balconette nursing bra

In a balconette nursing bra, the straps are further out on the cup and the neckline is cut horizontally. The cup encloses the breast from below, lifts it and brings it to the centre. This cut creates a beautiful neckline without sacrificing support. Balconette bras are particularly suitable for women with a larger bust volume.


Bralette nursing bras are particularly convincing because of their comfortable fit without underwiring or fastening. Thanks to a higher elastic content in the material, they are particularly comfortable to wear and hardly show under clothing.

Full Cup nursing bra

The full cup nursing bra is cut to enclose a larger area of the breast than other bras. Full cup bras therefore have a higher bridge and the straps are more central than those of a balconette bra. It is particularly suitable for women with larger breasts and a high breast volume, as it offers a lot of support and gives the breast extra support.

Sports nursing bra

Sport nursing bras are cut higher overall and both cups almost completely cover the breast. Sports bras usually compress the breast in a bandeau style and with a high band close to the ribcage for maximum support. They are usually non-wired models with often wider straps. The breast tissue is protected, perfectly supported and you have optimal freedom of movement. We offer special sports bras with racerback backs and double layer bustiers. They are also great for supporting your heavy breasts during the postpartum period.

Schlaf Still BH

Sleep nursing bras in bustier style or with practical cache-coeur or criss-cross cut-outs are especially comfortable and fit your body like a second skin. Thanks to breastfeeding clips or a single movement with which you push the fabric apart, you can breastfeed your baby wonderfully while lying down without having to stand up. We recommend a sleep nursing bra during pregnancy, when your breasts start to grow noticeably and become heavier. A sleep nursing bra is of course also suitable during the day under comfortable clothing and especially for cuddling on the couch with baby (belly).

Why wear a nursing bra to bed?

"Breastfeeding in sleep takes on a whole new meaning for us".

Sleep is important and you should get as much of it as possible. That's why we put a lot of emphasis on making sure you get enough comfort and support at night, especially when your breasts are heavy and filling up with milk. Especially in the first few months, we can highly recommend our Seamless nursing bra without underwire, as you can wear it during the day and at night. The soft, cuddly design without annoying seams feels like a second skin and gives your breast perfect support. What's more, leaking milk can be collected ideally with inserted nursing liners and you don't have to worry about the bed linen or your clothes getting damp.

Which nursing bra suits me best?

Now you know the advantages and features of a nursing bra and are thinking about which model suits you best? Depending on your preference and breast size, you can choose between models with or without underwire.

Nursing bras for a larger bust

Our underwired nursing bras are suitable for all breast sizes, but especially for larger cups from E upwards, as they provide equal support for the breast during wearing and breastfeeding. If you have a large bust size and prefer a nursing bra without underwire or are looking for a model for the night, we can recommend our full cup nursing bras. The special stretch material and double layer design keeps your breasts in place while still giving you enough freedom of movement. Thanks to the wider straps and the generously cut back strap, you get even more stability.

Nursing bras for a smaller bust

Our bustier nursing bras and sportier models with racerback backs are ideal for smaller breasts. The elastic underbust band and slightly reinforced cups hug your bust and are particularly flexible.

Nursing lingerie with lace

Pregnancy: our pregnancy bralettes made of lace without an annoying fastener in the back are particularly flexible thanks to the high stretch content. Thanks to shaping cups and a wide underbust band, they create a beautiful décolleté and highlight any neckline. We recommend that you buy special nursing bras with lace and underwire for breastfeeding only after you have settled in with your baby. This way you can measure your correct size and the nursing bra will accompany you for a longer period of time. Our models are available with underwire and push-up effect for an exciting décolleté.

WHow long should I wear my nursing bra?

We don't want to tell you what to wear, because as long as you feel comfortable, you can wear a nursing bra. Many women enjoy the soft feel of the bra, even if they have already weaned. Every woman's body regresses differently and every woman feels differently. We even have nursing bra models with extra interchangeable clips that turn the bra into a conventional model later on. Otherwise, just give yourself and your body enough time and enjoy all the support you can get. A nursing bra is definitely a purchase that will stay with you for a long time!