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You're pregnant and an influencer/content creator or otherwise active on social media. You are a fan of MAMARELLA, love your new silhouette with baby bump, love to try new looks and styles and share them with your followers? Then you've come to the right place!

Since we're launching our influencer campaign here now this way and are eager to include you, you'll receive free packages throughout your pregnancy (we'll start with 1-2 packages and expand depending on the success of the collaboration), your own exclusive discount code to share, shoutouts and reposts on our Instagram page and website. We'll be sending you our free PR packages throughout your pregnancy, which means you can showcase our maternity and breastfeeding fashion completely free of charge and without a catch! In return, all you have to do is tag us with the garments, either by wearing them or by simply showing the package and explaining the styles. Every time you post with our styles, you increase your chances of receiving more free Mamarella styles and a collaboration that will run throughout your pregnancy.

What we're looking for:

  • show us your creativity & ideas as a content creator
  • show us how you wear your Mamarella styles and explain their functions
  • show us your growing baby bump and how our Mamarella Styles grow with it
  • no matter if Baby-Mama Dance, Show the Look, Mom-Hacks or other creative ideas, we are looking forward to your photos and videos and would like to be part of your pregnancy & nursing time

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