During pregnancy and nursing

Sleeping well during pregnancy & nursing

Sleeping well during pregnancy and nursing is sometimes not so easy. Many pregnant women have trouble finding a good sleeping position. Here are our tips for healthy and restful sleep during pregnancy and nursing.

The right sleeping position with a baby bump

Finding the perfect sleeping position is no longer so easy. If you used to be a stomach-sleeper, you are now looking for an alternative. Doctors recommend sleeping on your left side. This is because lying on the left side ensures the least possible pressure on the internal organs and thus ensures that the mother and the baby get the best possible blood circulation. This sleeping position allows more blood and nutrients to reach the placenta and your baby.

Why wear a sleep nursing bra?

Since sleep nursing bras do not have any annoying closures at the back, you can wear them especially well at night during pregnancy and nursing. It is best to buy a nursing pillow for the night while you are still pregnant, because it takes the pressure off the muscles around the hips and pelvis. A soft sleep nursing bra gently supports the breasts without annoying seams. Small nursing pads are also practical if some milk is already leaking.

After birth, in the postpartum period and during nursing, the advantageous cache coeur neckline of our sleep nursing bras ensures a beautiful breast shape and offers you quick and easy nursing access. To make it easy for you to put your baby on, slide the layers of the cache-coeur neckline to the side. This allows you to breastfeed your baby quickly and easily, even when lying down at night.

Comfortable maternity nightwear

Some cozy maternity pyjamas or a nursing nightgown made of comfortable organic cotton or sustainable viscose is always a good choice. Breathable materials and soft cuts make your body feel comfortable and let you sleep well during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

What your baby should wear to bed

Depending on the season, onesies made of organic cotton and our lined sleeping bags are suitable for your baby. You can use the TOG rating as a guide, which describes the thermal resistance of textiles. The higher the number, the warmer your baby will be in the sleeping bag. Example: 2.5 TOG are warm lined sleeping bags for room temperatures between 15 and 21 degrees.

By the way: Especially in the first weeks you might be unsure how to dress your baby during the night. The neck test helps you to find out whether your baby is sweating or freezing. This is because your baby's hands and feet can feel cold even when they are warm enough, this is due to blood circulation.

Rituals help with sleeping

Using a mobile, you can create a little evening ritual for your baby. This beautiful musical mobile is made of organic cotton with fine embroidery. With a gentle lullaby, the cute peacock-shaped mobile takes your baby into the land of dreams.

Discover more nursing nightwear and baby nightwear here. Do you have any helpful tips on sleeping well during pregnancy and nursing? We would be happy if you wrote us a message.