Business with a bump - Pregnant in the office, what do I wear?

When you're pregnant, life goes on as before. And that includes business meetings, client appointments and business lunches. We think that's the best reason to finally go shopping again.

Business as usual...with a bump!

Child and career" are never as simultaneous as during pregnancy. When morning sickness makes an appearance in the middle of a meeting or the belly has already grown to such an extent that you can hardly reach the keyboard. That is not easy. With the weight gain and the circumference sometimes comes uncertainty: What can I still wear? Hide the belly? Emphasise the belly? So it's all the more important that you feel comfortable in your own skin. Stylish business outfits can be a real confidence booster. We show you which dress suits which belly, how short it can be and where the newly gained décolleté should go. This way, you can get a head start even during pregnancy.

Maternity clothes for the office and your job

Most of us will continue to work as normal during our pregnancy. You can easily maintain your personal style. Our office maternity wear is not only fashionable, but also ultra comfortable. If you sit down a lot, you need maternity wear that doesn't constrict your belly and still looks great at the next meeting. Alena - 30 wks - shows you how to style yourself easily for the office and the city.

Working with a baby bump - no problem with our office maternity wear. Here are the styles from the video:

Umstandsmode meets Business-Outfit - Chic in the office

Business outfits that suit you, from casual to professional. Whether pencil skirt or silk trousers with blouse and blazer - they all prove that a baby bump is no reason to sacrifice style. Especially not in the office