The first days - hello Baby!

The first few days with your baby are often the most exciting. They are full of firsts. And they are notoriously challenging. The last thing you want to hear is well-intentioned advice. That's why we only give you concrete tips. You can also find inspiration on our Pinterest channel on various topics such as "It's a girl", "It's a boy" or "Furnishing a baby's room".

Burp cloths

To make sure your little one feels as comfortable at home as they do in the womb, we have lots of burp cloths for you. Whether wrapped in them or as a practical burp cloth for on the go, individually or as a set, made of soft muslin or bamboo viscose, the choice is not easy with all the beautiful designs. The good thing is: you will certainly need many and can never have too many wipes. By the way: swaddling makes the baby feel very secure in the first weeks after birth and is said to help him sleep longer and more peacefully. It is also said to reduce symptoms such as colic and abdominal pain. It is best to ask your midwife about the advantages of burping.

Baby's room

Your baby has to move again - first from the womb to the hospital room and now home. That's a lot of change. That's why you have to make them as comfortable as possible - and you can spoil him a little. With cozy sleeping socks, adorable room furnishings and pleasant care.

Presents for the birth

Even if the greatest gift in the world is already here - jewellery never goes out of fashion and is probably the most beautiful way to say thank you to mum. We have necklaces and bracelets with cute charms for mum and baby.

Memories that stay forever

We want to remember the first days with our baby forever. Photos help us to do that. Our memory album with photo bag and baby imprint set is the ideal place to keep them safe and beautiful. With our personalised baby hand or foot imprint sets you can create beautiful gifts for family and friends.

Baby's first bath

Even if the first baths are still very unfamiliar for you and your baby - at some point many start to really enjoy it. Tips for the first baths: The baby's shoulders rest on your left forearm, so you can safely hold the shoulder with your left hand and have your right hand free to wash your little one. Our cute bath accessories are a must.