Mamarella Spring/ Summer 24 photoshooting

Behind the scenes: Mamarella Spring/ Summer 24 photoshooting

Insights from our pregnant Mamarella model

Welcome to Mamarella, where we invite you behind the scenes of our spring/summer 24 collection photoshooting. This interview gives a peek into the world of fashion for expecting mothers, from the challenges of pregnancy and modeling to the joy of showcasing maternity wear. Let’s explore the vibes and insights from our Mamarella model’s perspective.

Behind the scenes Mamarella photoshooting

Andrea in our Maternity Blazer with Detachable Bow navy styled Seamless Overbump Maternity Leggings navy for some beautiful maternity pictures

Meet Mamarella Model Andrea @andiewinter

With over 12 years of modeling experience in cities like New York, Paris, Los Angeles, and now Berlin, Andrea brings expertise to Mamarella. Originally from Sweden, Andrea’s Scandinavian charm adds flair to every shoot. Now based in Berlin, she captivates audiences with her elegance and versatility.

During the Mamarella photoshoot, Andrea was at pregnancy week 27. Despite the beautiful challenge of pregnancy, she embraced the shoot, showcasing Mamarella’s maternity wear with grace. Join us as we delve into Andrea’s experience as a Mamarella model.

Behind the scenes Mamarella photoshooting with model Andrea

Andrea showing of her beautiful baby bump in our maternity jeans

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Can you shortly describe your experience working as a pregnant model for the new Mamarella Spring/ Summer collection?

Working while pregnant is definitely different than working while “not” being pregnant. You are more tired than usual, and your body is changing. But the whole shooting team was very understanding and took good care of me at the shoot.

Could you share some highlights or memorable moments you’ve encountered while modeling maternity and nursing wear for Mamarella?

We were shooting with balloons, which was really fun. I like to work with props during studio shootings.

Behind the scenes Mamarella photoshooting Model Andrea on Set

Andreas favorite style: Ecovero Maxi Maternity and Nursing Dress with Knot Detail navy

How do you feel Mamarella’s brand philosophy resonates with the expectations and desires of expecting mothers?

I think it resonates well. Mamarella understands the needs and desires of expecting mothers, providing comfortable and stylish maternity wear that makes them feel confident and beautiful.

Can you talk about how you maintained a sense of balance and well-being while simultaneously embracing the joys of pregnancy and modeling at the same time?

For me, it hasn’t been easy to model at the same time as being pregnant. The body is changing, and you get more tired than usual. The most important thing is to drink a lot of water and get enough sleep. Finding moments to rest and prioritize self-care is crucial.

What were your favorite Mamarella styles from the photoshooting day and why?

I really liked the Ecovero Maxi Maternity and Nursing Dress with Knot Detail in navy I was wearing while we were shooting with the balloons in the background. It was comfortable yet elegant, and the color complemented the setting beautifully.

Easy to nurse in: Ecovero Maxi Maternity and Nursing Dress with Knot Detail navy

What we learned

In summary, Andrea’s journey as a Mamarella model epitomizes grace and resilience amidst the joys and challenges of pregnancy. Her dedication and timeless elegance have brought the Mamarella maternity collection to life. As we conclude this interview, Andrea’s story inspires expecting mothers everywhere to embrace their journey with confidence and style.

Dear Andrea, thank you so much for great work and the beautiful photos and the great insight of working as a pregnant model. We had such a great time with you on set. We wish you all the best for the exciting and wonderful time that awaits you!

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