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Lactation Tea 'Milchmädchen'



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Fine herb mix to support breast milk production - with verbena and fenugreek. It supports the body helping it to produce more milk (mainly fenugreek, anise, fennel, verbena). Depending on the need, choose a cup or 'gallons'. When freshly ground before, the essential oils develop even better in the enclosed fruits of anise and fennel. Also used for: - Airway infections- indigestion, stomach ache and colic (also in babies, lightly brewed and not for long-term use).

Contents: verbena, fennel, honeybush, fenugreek seeds, anise, elderflower. 180g.
As these teas are food and not medicines, there are no other (side) effects than those desired and intended.

All Into Life teas are delicious wellness herbal teas of the highest organic quality. They were matched to your needs during pregnancy and after the birth by an experienced midwife, extremely knowledgeable in herbal medicine. Effective & delicious! In addition, we like the beautifully styled cans - a great gift for the expectant or new mummy.

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