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Bellybuds Belly Headphones

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New from the USA! Bellybuds - safe belly headphones for prenatal bonding. Play your favourite music, lullabies or messages from Dad, Grandma, Grandpa or friends for your baby during pregnancy. Observe and enjoy the reactions of your baby to the different rhythms and voices. It is believed that these sounds are already very familiar to your baby after birth and can thus help to lull your baby to sleep and soothe him/her. Simply connect an iPod or MP3 player and off you go. A product that is really fun! Bellybuds can be attached easily and securely to the belly using the skin-friendly and adaptable hydrogel adhesive strip and removed again. They guide the tune inwards where your baby can hear muffled sounds. The practical design means Bellybuds are invisible when worn under clothing. The Bellybuds fit all iPods and popular mp3 players with the 3.5mm standard audio cable. A maximum volume prevents excessive noise for the baby. Also includes a special adapter, which means you can listen to music at the same time as your baby, two silicone cases, a bag for your iPod and a pair of replacement adhesive rings.
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