About Mamarella

We are happy for you!
First of all we would like to congratulate you on becoming or already being a mom.

Nice to meet you
Mamarella stands for well-being, lightness and joie de vivre during pregnancy and breastfeeding. With our maternity fashion and our nursing bras you can keep your good style in this special time. You can party in them, rock your job, do sports, go swimming or even get married. We have everything a New Mom's heart desires and we want to help you as a friend with words and deeds. If we can help make your pregnancy and breastfeeding even more beautiful and relaxed, we'll be more than lucky!

Since 2004...
Mamarella was founded by our managing director Petra Bedford shortly after her first pregnancy from a small desk in her Munich apartment. Meanwhile we have grown and grown and belong to the e-commerce veterans and the absolute experts in the field of maternity fashion, nursing bras, diaper bags and baby equipment. We raised Mamarella like a baby, with love, patience and maternal instinct. The experiences from our own pregnancies have been taken into account as well as your criticism and praise.

Get in touch
A very personal customer service is the heart of Mamarella in Munich. With us you don't end up in an anonymous call center. Only our own employees work here, who really know what they are talking about and advise you like a good friend. Just give us a call.

Simply the best
Each product is carefully examined by us, tried on and tested for style, cut and material. Only the best then make it into our collection. We often equip our maternity fashion with discreet nursing openings and make sure that it can be worn without a belly. The best proof of this is ourselves, because we wear many of our favourite pieces ourselves, with and without a baby's belly!

Wish list
Let me give you a present! With our wish list service you can easily share your favourite Mamarella products with friends and relatives. This makes it easier for them to choose and you only get your favourites as gifts. It's best to create them right away: our wish list >>

Have a great shopping!